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Future for small businesses 

Training program for small business owners

- established in 2010 in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, the program locates each year about 100 local business leaders in the Haredi society, which have potential for growth, and expanding the impact of employment within the community. Our success is the return to the community, business development of currently owned businesses and business development for owners and additional creative positions for workers today are not integrated in the labor market.

Future For the Youth 

Employment preparation program for youth at risk and distress.

Established as a pilot project in 2013 in cooperation with the Foundation for Children and Youth at Risk of the National Insurance Institute. At the time of its founding program, you could count 5 groups of teenagers (total 75 participants). Since then, the program is growing significantly, and today there are 24 active groups every year. Today, the program provides a wide variety of youth at risk and distress (including the mentally ill). Also, the last two years there was developed professional expertise working with the Bedouin society in the North and South.

Our Partners 

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